Valmont is a luxury skincare brand often used by Rescue Spa Estheticians during treatments and recommended as a skin care regimen at home. The Brand was founded in Switzerland by Didier Guillon and Sophie Vann Guillon in 1985 and it focuses on an innovative approach to skincare and anti-aging treatments. One of the key elements that sets Valmont apart is its use of advanced cosmetic ingredients and active ingredients, such as the Valmont DNA, triple DNA, and RNA, which are derived from cellular research and help rejuvenate and protect the skin at a cellular level.

Valmont Skin Diagnosis

Evaluate your current skincare condition with Valmont Skin Diagnosis and reveal what skincare treatments your skin needs.

What is Valmont Skin Diagnosis?

It is Advanced AI technology coupled with our cellular cosmetics expertise, for a full skin analysis and personal recommendations for care.

How to use The V Skin Diagnosis App

1. Scan the QR code on your cell phone
2. Allow our app to access your camera. Please note that your picture
    is neither stored in the app nor shared.
3. Follow the onscreen instructions
4. Discover the results of your skin analysis and routine recommendations
    tailored to suit
5. Send the full report to your mailbox for safekeeping




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