Emily Beltz



Emily’s love for skin care began at a young age when she intuitively started mixing oils, lotions and balms based on aroma and feel. She loved sharing her creations with others and experiencing their excitement as it made them feel good in their skin. In her mid-20s, Emily’s full body broke out with a severe case of eczema. This is when she dove deep into healing detective mode to treat it. Experimenting with products, diet and lifestyle changes, she was able to clear her skin. This further opened up her passion for skincare. She realized the importance of everything that goes in and on our bodies, as well as preventative practices and a positive state of mind! Years later, as a licensed esthetician, she discovered her true love for designing results-driven skincare routines based on science and the client’s specific’s needs.

Emily is a firm believer in the importance of self-care mixed with a little discipline, so she values the professional yet relaxing approach that Rescue Spa offers. She wants every client to leave feeling confident, relaxed, and empowered to care for their skin. She is looking forward to helping you achieve your skincare goals.